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Health Insurance

Top Full-Life Medical Insurance, offered through our brokerage, now includes a convenient credit card format for direct settlement of hospital bills. This ensures flexible payments, enrollment at any age, and fair claims processing, making it the top choice for comprehensive medical coverage. Additionally, we offer tailored insurance solutions to meet your specific needs.

Description of The Best Full-Life Medical International Insurance

Experience the finest in full-life medical international insurance, tailored to your needs. Enjoy flexibility in payment frequencies – whether yearly, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly, the cost remains consistent, ensuring affordability at every turn.


At our brokerage, we believe age should not hinder access to quality health insurance. Therefore, you are welcome to join us at any stage of life. Our approach to claims and pre-existing conditions is both comprehensive and compassionate, offering you peace of mind.


As part of our commitment to convenience and ease, we provide a health insurance card in the format of a credit card. This card allows for direct billing of medical expenses to the hospital, ensuring hassle-free treatment without the need for upfront payments.


Secure the best in full-life medical international insurance today and explore our tailored solutions designed to meet your unique healthcare needs.

Digital or In-Person Assistance Service Available Anytime, Day or Night Health and Wellness Focused Tools

1. Health and Wellness Focused Tools

Apps and services designed to promote mental and emotional well-being, such as fitness coaching, the Expatriate Assistance Program, digital health assessments, and Wysa, the mental health coaching app.



2. Ease Through Digital Access

Digital access to healthcare with a global telehealth platform, a fitness coaching app, and a wellness platform.

3. Second Medical Opinion

Depending on the plan subscribed to, you can access expert medical support to assist you with doubts about a diagnosis or surgical procedure. Simply call our phone support service and request to connect to our second medical opinion service.

4. Global Telehealth Services

Consult with an experienced medical team 24/7 via phone or from your tablet or computer.

5. Live Monthly Webinars

Health and wellness updates provided by international health experts.

6. 24/7 Phone Support Service

Available in 6 languages to support your family, depending on the subscribed plan.

Let's find the international health insurance that's right for you

  • International health insurance is intended for individuals staying abroad for an extended period. It functions similarly to national health insurance: you're covered not just for emergency treatments, but also for diagnostics and post-treatment care. However, if you're working, traveling, or living abroad for less than a year, our short-term coverage is more suitable.

Service Benefits

Revolutionizing Medical Insurance for a Superior Experience

  • At International Expat Health, as brokers, we firmly believe that discerning customers seek the assurance of coverage from a fully licensed company that upholds principles of integrity, transparency, and equity in the realm of medical insurance. We pride ourselves on adopting a prudent, mature, and adaptable stance towards pre-existing conditions and claims. Our commitment extends to offering a seamless, user-friendly online enrollment process.
  • At International Expat Health, as brokers, our cost competitiveness is rooted in our lean management structure, avoiding extravagant buildings or the need to maintain a high stock market valuation. Furthermore, our dedication to customers transcends age, as we offer comprehensive, full-life insurance coverage beyond the age of 70. This commitment to value and longevity drives our high customer retention rates and the enthusiastic referrals we receive.

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